Compare the dating marketplace

compare the dating marketplace

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The app targets two different groups, with different set of features for each one acording to their needs. One of this groups is Google domain administrators. The second set of users is Google Chrome users that are not managing a domain but using Google apps such as gmail,google drive and google chrome as a standalone user and want to start their discussions with friends, colleagues or any other single halle. Every user in the domain will be automatically elegible to use discuto and start their own discussions easily compare the dating marketplace be invited by a collegue to a discussion.

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The app provides the following features when isntalled on a domain : Automatic accounts for domain users Users that belong to a domain that has the discuto Google app installed will not be required to create an account and be able to automatically login from within the "Google Universal navigation" or just using the Google sign-in button in discuto login page. The authentication process will be automatic and provide a way create a discussion withing a minute.

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Google Chrome users For users that dont manage their domains in Google but still use Google apps such as the Google Drive the app also provides with a way to plug itself into their environment as a Google Drive app.

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