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regina hall is she single

Yeah, yeah, yeah got a partnervermittlungen salzburg interviews to do today Yeah, uh we gotta interview with regina hall is she single the Wild Cowboys, Sadat X Yeah, I think regina hall is she single first one is with Are you ready sir? Yo, so let's go knock these down so we can be up outta here OK, I think I'll start She gon' start, how you doin' sweetie [Regina Hall] Sadat X Yeahspeak to your fans Tell us what's in your future and what's in your plans [Sadat X] I done made up some more shit that I'm sure will hit It's been a long time comin' and I'm sure that I'm due I'm tryin' to keep this thing milk, for those dressed in silk And satisfy the fiends who be dressed in jeans [Regina Hall] Sadat X, would you say that you're the hardest working rapper?

Tell us some of the places you've been [Sadat X] Honey I've been around the world and to African shores Piccadilly Square and to Tokyo stores Heard the roars of the German applause and shook the floors Then went to Denmark with my main man Spark [Regina Hall] Sadat X, what's this thing you started called the Cowboys? Corral [Sadat X] I was at the bar coolin' out, drinkin' the daiquiri There's a mirror ahead so I see the kid in back of me Frontin' over an old beef Lookin' screwed and sucked teed And for what I'm just tryin' to live and get my cut [Regina Hall] Can I ask you all the question?

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