Single but taken meme

single but taken meme

Personal Tagged by I choose Kuon, because I already covered Makuda and Ichiro too much, Fuan is to shy for interviews, and Kuon is just tons of fun to write. Tag people to do this meme!

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What is your name? But if you wanna use my lame-ass normal name, it' Kuon Hiyuki.

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Do you know why you were named that? Like heck I know, probs just some name my parents took from a list or some dumb shit like this. Are you single or taken? Single, but If you know any hot girls, hit me up. Any Abilities or powers? I got my Persona Llamrei, although I am considered support, I can kick ass and take names as much. And lead my group on horses out of battle.

I know I am awesome.

single but taken meme

What is your eye color? Neon green, I actually had grey green, but I use these contacts to fit more, with the theme I am going for. As poisonous as myself.

How about your hair color?

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Dark brown with single but taken meme green stripes. Have you got any family members? My parents, but hell I know when the last time was I talked to them.

They tried to raise me to a perfect son, but the high expectations of them drove me to go against their picture of a perfect son. So shit I know when I last saw them.

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How about pets? A frog in middle school, saved him from being killed by my classmates for science.

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It was the first time I rebelled against my parents. That's coolI guess. Now tell me something you don't like? Fricking stuck up people who go with the rules and the expectations of society. I was one of them and I don't want to go back, I want to be just myself and not how others want me to be. Most of the day spraying graffiti and making art when the cops are not looking. Blackmail by single but taken meme data I extracted from PCs and Phones.

I also like reading magizines, but more the mature ones, if you know what I mean.

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Have you hurt anyone in anyway before? I am savage as fuck sometimes, so I probs hurt some feelings, but I also got into lots of fights before I met Aki and the others just to show not to mess with me.

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Killed anyone before? Nah, I would never go that far, after all, your life is yours to life, so why would I take it from you. But if you threaten my crew, I will ruin your whole life single but taken meme the info I get single but taken meme you. And trust me, I can ruin your life. What kind of animal are you?

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Name your worst habits? Alfa says I snore while sleeping and I may have kinda a addiction with bubblegum, but heck that stops me in my track.

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Do you look up to anyone at all? No one could match my smarts so far, so in that case no. Some rappers though were my inspirations for some fire I spit though, so maybe that. Are you Gay, Straight, or Bisexual? Didn't I already say that I enjoy hot chicks? There is nothing better than a soft pair of pillows to sleep on if you know what I mean.

Do you go to school?

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Already finished it with And it was boring as fuck, not even a challenge. Ever wanna get married and have kids? Kids making, yes, but I don't know if I would be the best father, more the lazy couch potato. But I think it depends on the chick I am with, If she is the one, then I comply. I had my own fanclub of girls in my younger days, In my suit all the girls fell for me.

You wanna join too?

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What are you most afraid of? Probs being forgotten is one. I follow my way to draw attention to be remembered. And heck does it work so far. What do you usually wear? As mentioned before, I like looking poisonous or radioactive with my colors and style, fitting to who I am, a cool and usefull dude, but also dangerous, spicy and savage.

What's one food that tempts you?

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